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Andmore Unveils Fresh Resources as a Component of its Re-merchandizing Efforts at High Point Market

Andmore is set to unveil 23 enhancements to showrooms and exhibits at the International Home Furnishings Center and Interhall during the April 13-17 High Point Market. These updates, which prioritize sourcing and cross-category resources for buyers, are a part of Andmore’s recent remerchandising efforts in the home furnishings sector.

Dorothy Belshaw, Executive Vice President and Chief Growth Officer of Andmore, commented, “The updates across IHFC and Interhall exhibitors will bring a comprehensive market experience to spring 2024, facilitating cross-category discovery. With the completion of our two-year refinement of home décor and furniture offerings, buyers can expect IHFC to deliver a market experience tailored for convenience and trend-setting sourcing.”

At this year’s spring market, Interhall is set to introduce 12 new resources, expanding the exhibition alongside more than 70 permanent showrooms and temporary exhibits located on the first floor of the IHFC. Additionally, Interhall is welcoming nine new brands: Adriana Hoyos (offering contemporary lifestyle furniture), Danao (specializing in luxury outdoor furniture), Das Wolfe (providing high-end custom furniture), Ella + Ross (featuring modern furnishings and décor), Mobello (offering high-end artisan heirloom furniture), Modern Matter (providing artisan-inspired hardware), Pooky (offering decorative lighting), Ross Alan Lumber (specializing in reclaimed wood design), and Worthen Custom Iron and Brass Furniture (offering custom iron and brass furniture and accessories).

Andmore’s re-merchandising efforts at the IHFC across four markets will include multiple relocations, with the goal of establishing a contiguous seven-story furniture hub. In Spring 2024, there will be 10 additional updates, including new, expanded, and relocated showrooms spanning across 24 floors, encompassing furniture/bedding and home décor categories.

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