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IKEA’s Iconic MALM Drawers with Mirrored Makeover are Making Waves in Shoppers

We all know IKEA’s iconic MALM chest of drawers and bedside table – after all, it’s one of the Swedish furniture retailer’s bestsellers. However, IKEA has just unveiled a new twist on the classic design: an updated version of the MALM chest of two drawers, now featuring an overall mirror finish.

The MALM chest of drawers, a favorite subject for IKEA hacks, comes in various shapes and sizes, from a full-sized dresser to a two-drawer bedside table. What they all share is a boxy, simplistic design with flat, handleless drawers.

One of our recent favorite IKEA hacks involves a chrome vinyl-wrapped ENHET cabinet. This new mirrored version of the MALM chest of two drawers captures that same reflective allure, but with an even more striking effect.

Being a limited edition, it’s predicted that this mirrored MALM won’t be around for long. If it catches your eye, you’ll need to act fast. The one caveat is that it’s only available in IKEA’s physical stores, not online. However, most branches still have these mirrored beauties in stock.

IKEA’s new launch confirms the resurgence of the mirror furniture trend in home decor. First, chrome and stainless steel furniture made a comeback, inspired by designs like David Beckham’s stainless steel kitchen. Now, we’re embracing a full mirror finish.

“Reflective, mirror-finish furniture has been making a notable comeback,” says Alex Stubbs, Flitch interior stylist. “This resurgence is largely driven by a desire for elegance, sophistication, and a touch of glamour in interior design. The appeal of mirrored furniture lies in its ability to enhance the sense of space and light within a room, creating an illusion of openness and brightness.”

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