You are currently viewing Livspace is Entering the Commercial Interior Design arena with the Introduction of its New Venture, Livspace for Business

Livspace is Entering the Commercial Interior Design arena with the Introduction of its New Venture, Livspace for Business

Livspace, the omnichannel platform specializing in home interiors and renovations, is venturing into the realm of commercial interior design through its latest offering, Livspace For Business.

While maintaining a strong focus on its core home-related services, Livspace is strategically expanding its reach to encompass the commercial interior space. The objective is to establish a highly efficient digital supply chain tailored for the B2B sector. Livspace For Business is poised to cover a spectrum of commercial environments, including offices, retail establishments, hospitality venues, and warehouses.

Leveraging its extensive experience in design and building within the residential domain, Livspace aims to seamlessly transfer its expertise to revolutionize the B2B commercial segment.

Saurabh Jain, the CEO of Livspace in India and Co-Founder, expressed excitement about the company’s latest venture, Livspace for Business. As the industry’s largest player, Livspace is strategically expanding its offerings in line with its core expertise in organizing the previously fragmented interior design and renovation industry. Jain highlighted the innovative nature of Livspace for Business as an interior design solution tailored for the commercial and B2B sector.

The new segment is set to leverage Livspace’s distinctive technology platform and widespread presence across India to provide brands with an opportunity to explore, personalize, and procure commercial solutions from a globally trusted brand. Jain emphasized that Livspace for Business will be a comprehensive, tech-enabled, transparent, and high-quality design solution, serving as a one-stop destination for clients.

Livspace’s track record includes delivering the Livspace assured experience to notable companies such as WeWork, Decathlon, McDonald’s, and Domino’s. Currently operating in over 40 cities in India and extending its reach to Singapore, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia, Livspace has demonstrated remarkable growth, with over 100% growth in the last six months and an impressive 400% growth over the past two years. The company has solidified its position as a market leader, boasting close to 70% market share within the organized sector.