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Roisin Quinn, Winner of Interior Design Masters, Discloses her own Heartbreak on the show

Winner of the Interior Design Masters While Roisin Quinn was filming the episode, her father was in the hospital. It has been disclosed by Roisin Quinn that her father was hospitalized due to cancer during the entire duration of the show’s filming. Quinn’s father was given a bowel cancer diagnosis at the beginning of the year. Quinn disclosed that the only people who were aware of it were the production crew, who helped her out while filming.

Now the final has aired, Quinn told the sources “Thank god, he’s a lot better now. No one knew except production staff and they supported me so much. All of my dad’s operations never went to plan unfortunately. He was in hospital the whole time.”

While her father was in the hospital, Quinn called to share the exciting news that she had won the show. Her dad was released from the hospital a few days after the Interior Design Masters final was filmed, and they were reunited.

She explained: “As soon as the final finished, I called him that night and then it was a couple of days after that he was discharged from hospital. It was just mad he was in hospital for the whole duration of me filming and when it finished I was able to see him and he could come home. Now he’s fine and he’s on the mend. We are lucky to have him.”

The winner of Interior Designs Masters said that she had difficulty deciding whether to continue as the show’s headliner. The interior designer stated, “It was always her dad who inspired me to pursue my dreams,” speaking from the heart.

She said: “Unfortunately at the start of last year, my dad got diagnosed with bowel cancer. I felt it was very selfish of me to do Interior Design Masters but I didn’t want him to feel like he was holding me back which he definitely wasn’t because my dad has always pushed me to chase my dreams.”

Considering Quinn’s dad moved in with her and her husband for five weeks while he underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatment in Wirral. A week before Quinn began filming for the show, he returned to his home on the Isle of Man.

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