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The New Trend of Lake house Decor Adds a Perfect Design Style this Summer

Regardless of where you are, create a serene lakeside hideaway with these astute interior designers’ styling suggestions. Not just for those who are fortunate enough to live near water, the lake house aesthetic is back in vogue. Anyone may build a tranquil lakeside hideaway in their own house with the appropriate color scheme and mindset. These rooms are ideal for a summer stay because of their comfortable design choices and abundance of natural light, but they can also be used all year round.

We chatted with interior designers who adore the look to learn more about this interior design trend, and they offered seven simple pointers for executing the concept in any house.

Regardless of your typical design aesthetic, here’s how to channel the serene lake: from going all natural to toned-down kitsch. A lake house is frequently used by families as a place to unwind, have fun, and escape from daily life. According to Kristen Rivoli, the principle designer and proprietor of Kristen Rivoli Interior Design in Massachusetts, “styling one is a little different than styling a primary residence.” The lake house look prioritizes comfort and pleasure, whether you’re building a hideaway on the lake as your second home or just want to give your house a summertime makeover.

Lake houses are charming, unique, and full of sunshine and sun-drenched days full of memories to be made. They draw inspiration from the natural beauty of the great outdoors and offer plenty of space for relaxation.
Decor with a lake home theme is organic, peaceful, and contributes to a tranquil atmosphere. It brings back memories of bygone eras when people spent more time outside and enjoyed board games by the fire at night rather than glued to their phones, laptops, and TVs. Basically everything you could possibly want to see and feel when you’re living or vacationing by the lake, according to Wayfair senior design manager Rebecca Breslin.

‘Lake house-inspired decor embodies a serene and natural aesthetic, incorporating elements that reflect the tranquility and beauty of lakeside living. In this style, natural materials take center stage, with an emphasis on wood, textured linens, and the welcoming presence of natural plants. The design embraces a connection to the outdoors and seeks to bring the peaceful ambiance of the lake environment into the interior space,’ says Olga Alexeeva, creative director at Black & Milk.

Since lake houses are frequently found near the coast, natural materials and motifs are frequently included into their design schemes. Wooden vaulted ceilings and traditional hardwood floors frequently serve as the foundation for the style, with appropriate appearances of jute, rattan, and wicker serving as rustic décor. The co-founder and owner of Dallas-based Bridges Brown Interiors, Cody Brown, says the design aesthetic is completed with ‘neutral colors, warm textures, and a few nautical details without being cheesy’.

“To create the cozy yet opulent vibe every lake house should have, I like incorporating elements like wood and stone, vintage textiles, cashmere throws, hand-woven rugs, rope-style textures, and nature-inspired artwork,” he says.

According to Eugenia Triandos, principle designer at Montreal-based Hibou Design & Co., the lake house appearance is reminiscent of cottage style, with an emphasis on natural texture and rustic character.The natural components combine with a “touch of nautical charm” to create a warm, inviting haven that is suitable for the whole family.

We use textures and materials that suggest a homey, cottage feel; shiplap and farmhouse sinks are common fixtures in our designs. According to Eugenia, “We prefer to keep windows bare to maximize the beautiful views that these lake houses tend to have, so we avoid any heavy window coverings.” Wicker furnishings add to the indoor-outdoor living mood that we aim for.

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