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The Sports theme is the New Decor Trending this Summer

The adaptability of sports is one of their greatest qualities, and the interior design industry is starting to take notice.

In its inaugural spring and summer trend guide, Etsy’s resident trend guru Dayna Isom Johnson identified “sports core” as one of the most promising looks, considering the continued appeal of pickleball and its go-to athleisure “fits” (not to mention the new Challengers movie!). Compared to the same period last year, Etsy recorded a 151% rise in searches for tennis-related things in the last three months.

These designs honor their inspiration by exhibiting objects with vivid hues, simple shapes, and classic preppy finishes. Stated differently, anything that looks nice on a tennis court is likely to be classified as “sports core.” Indeed, those themes may be elegantly incorporated into home décor. Take a look at these seven “sports core” pieces that are sure to be the most competitive summertime trend this year and beyond.

Wimbledon is quickly approaching, but even if you’re not going to watch every move, this Etsy art print is still appropriate. It seems bright enough, without being overly bold, given its watercolor appearance, and it would look great in a kitchen next to a fruit dish.

IKEA’s green-and-white striped recliner is “sports core” because it has a fun vibe and seems like it would be ideal beside a swim meet. However, it may also seamlessly blend into a variety of settings, such as a contemporary children’s room or a light-filled outdoor patio.

The fact that this tennis-inspired candle from Etsy fits the “sports core” trend with a modest lift is its finest feature. Store it as a side table in your own living room or present it elegantly to a person who enjoys backswing drills.

If there’s one thing fans and athletes in sports can probably agree on, it’s probably their shared fondness for cheese. Present your finest charcuterie board, and the guests will love these themed cheese spreaders.

The curly green pillow covers are perfect for those occasions when you want to hint at a trend without really commiting to it. They are “sports core,” but casual. The Anthropolgie tufted plaid rug is distinctly charming with its blend of stripes and scallop details, giving it an almost tennis court-like appearance from above. This rug is quite trendy in a lot of ways.

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