8 Things to Know About the Home Depot Credit Card

Store Card

It's a store card, meaning you can only use it at Home Depot locations and not for other purchases.

Financing Offers

The card offers special financing, typically 0% APR for a set period (often 6 months) on purchases above a certain amount (usually $299 or more). Be mindful, it's not truly zero interest. If the balance isn't paid in full by the end of the promotional period, interest is charged retroactively to the purchase date.

No Rewards

Unlike many general credit cards, the Home Depot card doesn't offer points or cashback rewards for everyday purchases.

No Annual Fee

There's no annual fee to maintain the card.

Promotional Discounts

You might get a one-time discount on your first purchase using the card.

Extended Returns

The card may extend the standard return window for items bought at Home Depot (often to a year).

High Interest Rate

Once any promotional periods end, the APR on the card can be quite high, so it's best for financing specific purchases that can be paid off within the promotional window.

Consider Alternatives

If you plan on making frequent purchases outside of Home Depot or desire rewards programs, a general rewards credit card might be a better option.