8 ways to decorate your entryway for fall

Wreath it Up: A classic fall statement piece. Decorate your front door with a fall wreath made of colorful leaves, pumpkins, pinecones, or even burlap and ribbon.

Welcome Mat Magic: Swap out your summer doormat for a fall-themed one with a festive message or image like pumpkins, leaves, or a "Welcome" sign in fall colors.

Cozy Up the Console: Dress up a console table or entryway table with fall decorations. Use a small pumpkin or gourd as a centerpiece, add some fall foliage in a vase, or display a collection of pinecones and acorns. You can also add scented candles with warm fall scents like cinnamon or pumpkin spice.

Light Up the Entryway: Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with fall-themed lighting. String fairy lights across the doorway or place lanterns on the floor for a soft glow. You can use flameless candles with a flickering effect for a touch of coziness.

Layer Up the Rugs: Add a fall-colored rug on top of your existing entryway rug for a pop of color and warmth. Choose a rug with traditional fall colors like orange, red, and yellow, or go for a more subtle look with muted tones.

Hang Fall Art: Decorate your entryway walls with fall-themed artwork or photographs. Choose paintings with fall landscapes, prints of autumn leaves, or inspirational quotes about the season.

Basket of Bounty: Fill a decorative basket with mini pumpkins, gourds, and colorful Indian corn for a touch of rustic charm. It adds a delightful pop of fall color and a natural element.

Nature's Touches: Bring the beauty of fall inside by placing a small potted fall flower arrangement near the doorway. Look for flowers in traditional fall colors like mums or pansies. You can also use branches with colorful fall leaves for a natural touch.