Excel Home Decor Launches New Brand Strategy “Beautiful Made Easy”

Legacy and Innovation

Excel Home Decor has over 25 years of experience, serving more than 15 million customers with high-quality home decor solutions.

Diverse Product Range

The company offers over 10,000 products, including wallpapers, customized wallpapers, flooring, and fabrics from top global manufacturers.

New Brand Film

Excel launched its first brand film, “Nazar Naa Lage,” inspired by an Indian phrase to protect cherished possessions from envy.

Tagline "Beautiful Made Easy"

The brand film and tagline highlight Excel's mission to make home decor beautiful and accessible.

Minimalist Approach

The film uses a minimalist, dialogue-free approach to humanize the brand and engage the audience effectively.

Positive Reception

Both consumers and the trade have responded positively to the brand film and its core message.

Simplifying Home Decor

Excel is committed to making the process of selecting, acquiring, and setting up home decor simple and enjoyable.

Marketing Impact

According to Marketing Head Nilagrib Mondal, the campaign has significantly impacted both B2B and B2C segments, with positive feedback from the digital community.