Top 5 Indoor Plants To Fit for Every Corner of Your Home

This plant is also known as the spider plant. The plant has derived its name from the thin spider leaves. The leaves are light green and spread quite wide, giving a beautiful look to your home.

Spider Plant

One of the easiest growing plants in India. The plant can grow anywhere, be it soil, water, or even a small test tube. The leaves of this plant are big, and the color varies from dark green to light green

Money Plant 

A beautiful plant that has huge light green leaves. This is a slow-growing plant but performs quite well in moderate to low sunlight and little water. The plant does not have much of a fertilizing requirement. Syngonium plants bear huge leaves and stems, so it's better to pot them in a big pot.


A beautiful tropical plant that adds a charm and beachy look to your home. The plant performs quite well in well-drained soil. It does not require much fertilizing and very little water. This is a perennial plant that prefers soil in a moist condition.

 Areca Palm 

The peace lily is a stunning indoor plant that has beautiful white flowers. The plant has big and wide green leaves, which look beautiful in indoor settings. The plant requires moist soil and can survive in low watering conditions but not for too long.

 Peace Lily