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Design Mobl Debuts a Postmodern-inspired Furniture and Home Design Range

Design Mobl, based in the heart of Dubai, celebrates postmodern-inspired home decor and furniture pieces that flawlessly combine art, design, function, and fun. The debut collection includes a diverse range of furniture and home decor pieces that have been expertly designed to reflect the brand’s dedication to quality, style, and innovation. From statement-making sofas to eye-catching accent pieces, each piece is intended to inspire and excite.
Design Mobl’s idea is simple: transform living spaces into appealing manifestations of uniqueness. The brand believes that a home is more than simply a physical space; it is a reflection of one’s individuality.

“Our designs embody the ethos of blending creativity with functionality,” said Caty Penza, Co-founder and Creative Director of Design Mobl. “With inspiration from our vibrant city, our pieces aim to embody the blend of functionality and innovation, where comfort, quality, and utility meet contemporary design with color and style.”

Behind the scenes, Design Mobl was founded by two Italian-Iranian sisters who grew up in Dubai’s cosmopolitan melting pot. They are united by a shared passion for design, inherited from their mother, Helen Penza, who has a decade of expertise in interior design, and aspire to develop collections that speak to consumers who want to make a statement with their living spaces.

“We encourage you to join us in this journey of crafting home aesthetics, where each piece tells a story and invites you to weave your narrative into the fabric of your home,” added Diba Penza, Co-founder of Design Mobl.

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