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FabCuro Launches Exquisite Home Decor Store in Bengaluru, India

FabCuro, the much-anticipated enclave of sophisticated home decor, is pleased to announce the opening of its first store in Indiranagar, Bengaluru. With an uncompromising commitment to refinement, craftsmanship, and originality, FabCuro is prepared to change the landscape of home design not only in Bangalore, but also elsewhere. At the core of FabCuro’s launch is its flagship Store, which is structured like a museum, with arches, art-adorned walls, and lanes that induce a sense of discovery.

“The architecture is designed to give every person who walks into the store the complete art connoisseur experience,” explains Vineet Sharma, Co-Founder of FabCuro.

FabCuro is more than just an enterprise; it is a holistic experience painstakingly designed for sophisticated living. FabCuro offers an unequaled selection of exquisite home decor that embodies grandeur and finesse. From magnificent furniture sets to beautifully made artisanal accessories, each decor piece on FabCuro has a timeless charm, transforming living spaces into veritable masterpieces.

Hemant Tak, Co-founder, FabCuro said, “We carefully handpick each product, making sure every piece has a distinctive design approach and a rich story. Every decor piece is part of a curated, and never-to-be-repeated collection.”

FabCuro seeks to revolutionize home design, going beyond ordinary furnishings to create timeless living places of unsurpassed beauty and refinement.

FABDIZ Design Studio, with over 15 years of experience in the interior sector, is the driving force behind FabCuro. Fabcuro, the best Home Decor Store in Indiranagar, sets the tone for grandeur from the start with a never-before-seen collection of exceptional designer furniture, gorgeous sculptures, rare antiquities, and stunning wall décor. Our objective is to make our customers feel truly special while also making their environments stand out in unique and memorable ways.

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