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This Innovative Couple Transforms a 1960’s House into an Award-winning £750,000 Masterpiece

A couple managed to change a dismal home into one that earned an award, thus raising the value of the property – and they did it with a lot of budget buys.

Renovating a house can be challenging, but one couple transformed their dismal home into an award-winning property worth £750,000.

Becky and Adam bought a vintage four-bedroom house in South East London for £525,000 in 2015. Despite their lack of DIY knowledge, they worked together to create their dream home. After five years of managing competing demands, including raising a child, the job was completed in 2020.

Their home’s worth soared by £225,000, and their garden received the Ronseal Lockdown Garden award for its beauty.

Becky said: “We previously done up another flat in 2014 where we earned £100,000 on it a 12-month property flip period which afforded us our deposit on this house and gave us a taste of renovations. In 6 years we have gone from living at our parents to a £175,000 flat to now a £750,000 house. Before we started we didn’t know anything about interior design or building work so we have self-taught ourselves but it has all been completely worth it.”

Becky and Adam saved thousands by doing the majority of the work on the house themselves, using YouTube instructions and interior design TV shows. Becky cites Pinterest and Instagram as sources of inspiration for their style, but the most important factor for them is saving money.

“Most looks you see on Instagram you can recreate yourself with a bit of elbow grease”, she said. “For example the kitchen panel wall Adam created himself one afternoon. What you save in money though you have to make up with effort, it’s not easy but it is well worth it when you see the end product.”

From 2015 to 2020, the remodeling project cost £50,000. Becky adds that purchasing their home furnishings from cheap stores has helped to keep prices low.

“Ikea is our favourite. The Range, Dunelm and B&M. Even recently Poundland trinkets and home decor have become very good. We hunt for items that look more expensive than they look and always looking for furniture hacks and upcycling tips. e.g. a family member gave us their old brown dated patio set which we upcycled.”

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