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Famous Designer Alexandra Gater Opens New Dimensions to Home Decor

The Toronto-based innovator has become a master of vibrant do-it-yourself projects. With soaring asking prices and interest rates, many Gen Zers and millennials have set aside the dream of owning a home. This affordability gap has led Zillennials, raised on HGTV, to abandon hopes of transforming their living spaces into extravagant outdoor paradises or injecting a splash of color into their crown moldings, as seen on TV. However, being perpetual renters doesn’t condemn our living spaces to dullness and conformity. There are renter-friendly ways to personalize your space, and home decor guru Alexandra Gater, with her YouTube channel, provides all the tips you need.

Transitioning from a magazine editor to an interior designer, Gater has become a rising influencer in the home decor realm. Her eponymous channel boasts over 700K subscribers and showcases studio makeovers, decorating tutorials, and styling advice. Recognizing that home ownership was a distant aspiration, the 32-year-old millennial didn’t let renting deter her from making her space uniquely hers. While many popular interior design channels focus on grandiose renovations, Gater shifted her content towards small-space solutions and apartment renovation tips that are practical and achievable.

Reflecting on her journey, Gater notes, “I started to realize that there was a huge gap in the world of home decor and interiors—magazines often highlight the biggest, flashiest makeovers, but where was the design advice for those who rent and may never own a home?” For Gater, renting is a long-term reality, and she aims to inspire others in similar situations to create beautiful spaces of their own.

Six years later, Gater has transformed her niche hobby into a thriving interior design business specializing in accessible home design and offering virtual makeovers. Renowned for her do-it-yourself prowess, Gater continually discovers new tips and styling hacks to share with her followers, whether she’s adorning a tiny bathroom with vibrant peel-and-stick wallpaper or organizing an entryway with built-in shelves.

She emphasizes, “It’s so easy to compare and get caught up in what others are doing in this industry, but staying in my lane and focusing on the niche I’ve created for myself helps me not get caught up in the comparison game. My best work has always come from being myself, and I wish my past self felt confident in that knowledge when I was first starting out.”

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