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The Paris Grandma Aesthetic Embodies Boundless Elegance while Retaining a Cozy Charm

Blending Parisian elegance with the comfort of grandma’s home, the Paris Grandma aesthetic is both fashionable and timeless. While cities like New York and Milan dominate in style and fashion, Paris exudes a je ne sais quoi that transcends trends. Designer Adam Hunter’s interpretation of this aesthetic brings forth a cozy yet sophisticated interior design, akin to being enveloped in your grandmother’s comforting embrace on a chilly evening, with the aroma of a home-made meal lingering in the air.

Hunter crafted the Paris Grandma atmosphere for clients in Pacific Palisades, California, aiming for a colorful yet refined look. Rich hues like deep malachite green, warm terra cotta, soft blues, and purples mingle harmoniously amidst luxurious furnishings, wall coverings, and artwork. Curved lines, a hallmark of contemporary design, impart a gentle elegance to various spaces, including the kitchen, guest bedroom, and nursery, where a cloud-shaped light fixture adds a whimsical touch in line with the home’s ambiance.

You can infuse your home with the Paris Grandma aesthetic regardless of its size or your budget. Start by investing in luxurious fabrics for your bedding and adding texture and color to your living room with throw pillows or cozy blankets draped over your sofa. Opt for linen duvets and shams in rich colors, cashmere blend throws, and textured pillow covers to give your space an instant upgrade.

In a Paris Grandma-inspired home, you won’t find overtly Parisian elements like paintings of the Arc de Triomphe or prints of bakery exteriors. Just as sophisticated Parisian women eschew extravagant jewelry or trendy attire, your home should rely on subtle touches to evoke this ambiance.

In contrast to your Urban Aunt, who proudly showcases all her treasures for guests to admire, Paris Grandma decor exudes a sense of mystery, requiring careful curation of items displayed on shelves and coffee tables. Less is more—similar to the subtle but lingering fragrance of a Paris Grandma’s perfume.

Even if you don’t have grandchildren or a view of the Eiffel Tower from a charming balcony overlooking a French cafe, these design choices aim to envelop you in luxury and style. As long as your space evokes that ambiance, you can embrace the title of a Parisian grandma.

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