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Growing Number of Americans are Choosing Small Businesses for Home Decor Needs

A recent study reveals that 78 percent of Americans shop at small businesses at least once a month, with small businesses playing a significant role in home décor and furniture sales. Analysis of Google Trends data from 2023, combined with a survey of 1,003 U.S. residents, shows that millennials are the most active, with 80 percent shopping at small businesses monthly.

Among the top 10 most commonly purchased goods and services from small retailers, home décor ranked eighth, with 22 percent of respondents making such purchases. This list was led by groceries (65 percent), baked goods (53 percent), and beverages (41 percent). Home décor ranked second among women, nestled between jewelry and personalized gifts.

On average, consumers spent about $128 per month at small businesses, with millennials leading at $135 and Baby Boomers close behind at $130. In terms of expenditure, furniture topped the list, surpassing groceries, while home décor ranked eighth in spending.

The survey indicated that 64 percent of respondents actively sought out local businesses, with 53 percent specifically choosing small businesses. The primary reasons included boosting the local economy (64 percent), seeking unique products (47 percent), higher quality goods (43 percent), and a sense of community connection (40 percent).

Half of the regular local shoppers (51 percent) preferred brick-and-mortar stores, but about one-third (31 percent) would not shop at a small business without a website, with Gen Z being the most likely to avoid non-online stores at 40 percent.

Small business discovery occurs through various channels, including friends, online reviews, family, and community events. Social media also plays a significant role, with respondents citing Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube as influential platforms.

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