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Inspired by Stunning Coastline, Innovative Cork sisters Designed a Luxury Home Decor Line

Their stunning Instagram account is adorable, and now, so that we can inspire a little bit of their opulent coastal design for our own homes, the Cork sisters behind Pebble & Sash have revealed their inaugural line of ottomans, headboards, and pillows.

The Glenbrook-based designers Eadaoin Cotter and Catherine Barry have painstakingly chosen textiles from well-liked and respected designers to create items that they refer to as “statements of style, destined to elevate any room with their stunning effect.”

The sisters’ ties to their late father’s West Cork house have served as inspiration for several of the objects in their collection.

“Our Dad’s family are all from Union Hall and we spend our summers in Schull and Baltimore. West Cork is very dear to our hearts,” said Catherine, who owns the former post office at Baltimore Pier, a building previously owned by a cousin of their grandfather.

“Our debut collection represents our passion and love of fabric design and pattern but mostly our love of home.”

An tale of a fixer-upper

Pebble & Sash is more than simply a company; it’s the narrative of two sisters who built a prosperous interior design empire out of their love for home remodeling. Everything started in 2016 when Eadaoin’s family bought a dilapidated Victorian home.

While Eadaoin shared photos of her restoration process on Instagram, her sister Catherine displayed her tastefully furnished house.

After seeing the tremendous support for their Instagram page, Eadaoin and Catherine decided to take a risk and pursue their passion full-time. Their page soon acquired popularity.

“We are immensely proud to introduce our debut collection, each of our pieces talks to each other, and our considered layered approach is designed so each fabric compliments the next,” they added.

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