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OKNIN Gallery Unveils Italian Brand ‘Nature Design’

OKNIN Gallery proudly presents the exclusive debut of the NATURE DESIGN brand, offering a sophisticated and opulent solution for our esteemed clientele, architects, and designers. The arrival of this esteemed Italian brand in our country is indeed a momentous occasion, particularly on the eve of the prestigious global design exhibition in Milan next week. Established almost half a century ago by the Oknin family, OKNIN Gallery has been renowned for crafting elegant and luxurious furniture for Israeli residences. Now, we are thrilled to exclusively introduce the esteemed NATURE DESIGN brand to its collection.

Nir Oknin, CEO and owner of OKNIN Gallery, explains: “The Italian brand joining the gallery provides a stylish and luxurious solution for our customers, architects, and designers by offering a wide range of meticulously crafted furniture, made from sustainable materials, planned and designed after extensive research and great respect for nature. I have no doubt that NATURE DESIGN will be an honored guest in Israeli homes.”

With a commitment to ecological practices, the Italian brand prides itself on sourcing wood from sustainably managed forests in North America. These forests are carefully managed to ensure the preservation of trees suitable for the furniture industry, thus minimizing environmental impact during harvesting. From materials to colors and the entire production process, NATURE DESIGN places a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability.

NATURE DESIGN’s meticulous and organic approach to design achieves a harmonious balance between form and function. Each piece celebrates the inherent beauty of natural materials, adding a touch of elegance, style, luxury, and authenticity to living spaces. The collections offer a diverse range of tables, chairs, sideboards, libraries, and more.

Hila Hareli, OKNIN’s in-house designer, elaborates, “As someone immersed in Israeli design, I understand the need for renewal and innovation. The unique style of the NATURE DESIGN brand brings a different scent into the home, one that touches and creates curiosity around it. The Italian brand together with OKNIN’s designs create a warm and indulgent Israeli home, suitable for the Israeli audience.”

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